Thursday, 2 August 2012

JVC Adixxion compared to GoPro Hero & Drift

Interesting cameras, these three, each with their own characteristics. I'm only a small part of the way into my in-depth test of the new JVC Adixxion but I can say from the early results that it's a winner. The handling is lovely, everyone I show it to wants one, they just hold it and it works in the hand and feels really good. Excellent design work here. I've WiFi linked it to my iPhone and shot using the iPhone as a remote viewer and shutter release and go about 50 yards away - although the shutter response is pretty slow so I've contacted JVC to see if there's a new firmware patch to update this. I like the angle of view - so here are a few screengrabs from a short video I did with all 3 cameras on top of my van as I drove round town. This is the setup - some custom made magnetic Flymounts for vehicle use - email us on if you want to buy the Flymount balljoint parts to add to your own magnetic slab and they'll cost £11 plus £3 postage. I used Araldite to glue them on to Taxi sign magnetic mounts, sawing off the screw threads on the metal side of the magnetic mounts so the Flymount balljoint would fit and work. Makes a good little mount. This is the Drift view: This is the Adixxion view: And this is the GoPro view: Again, here's the Drift view: Here's the Adixxion: and lastly, the GoPro: You can see that the Drift and GoPro are a wider view - fisheye at about 180º but the Adixxion is a bit longer, which is refreshing and I think it's a more useful angle of view. Look at the colour - the Adixxion is very neutral, followed by the GoPro which is a bit warmer and the Drift is very warm - much more yellow and magenta. These are screengrabs so they only give a general idea of what the cameras are capable of but it's a pretty good indication. Over the next few days I'll be shooting much more and I'll put up the first video report.


  1. Looking forward...

    I think, that JVC has the best shape, but I do not like the tighter view. I'll wait for the video report.


  2. I know, the wider view is attractive but many people are now saying they would like a less wideangle view, even a lot less than this. Look at the iPhone which people use to shoot more conventional views but looks great. The Adixxion may look a bit different and that may be a good thing in this market.


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