Monday, 27 April 2015

Jeff Howard of PKS and Flymount USA using the new S1 in snow

One of the great things about the Flymount S1 for iPhones is the protection it gives to your phone while you are skiing. You can shoot busts of video using the remote and share them at the bottom. The virgin polycarbonate shell protects against water, shock and impact and the rotated wide angle lens gives you great views from helmet or hand held views.
Here's Jeff Howard with the Flymount S1 mounted on the side of his helmet.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Hang gliding with Jeff Howard Flymount USA using the Flymount S1 for iPhone

Jeff Howard from Flymount USA shoots a selfie of his Flymount S1 for iPhone, helmet mounted.
The S1 mounts either side or top of the helmet for ultra versatile shooting on land, sea or air!
Virgin polycarbonate protects the phone and lens, and protects from rain and shock.
See Kickstarter for more info or Flymount.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

New! Huge advance in head mounted video cameras - exclusive

Not since Noah's great flood has technology advanced so resolutely in the face of overwhelming odds.
Now you can not only see the animals going in 2x2 but you can video and share the event virtually in real time.
Shoot, share, enjoy!
Better than trying to scribe it on tablets of clay.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Great discrete street shooting with handheld Flymount S1 for iPhone

If you like shooting stealth videos with your iPhone then the Flymount S1 is one of the best secret shooters around.
Because the lens widens the view angle and turns it through 90º you can hold the Flymount sideways on, a natural hold, and easily shoot from low down or high up for great new viewpoints.
We designed it for head mounting, on the side or top of your helmet, but it's just as good - maybe better (?) in the hand.
Look how easily it fits this female hand. In a man's hand it's even better hidden.

Friday, 17 April 2015

How the revolutionary Flymount S1 flat mount case for iPhones works

One of the things that always intrigues people when they handle the Flymount S1 is the way in which it flips the lens round so you don't have to point the phone straight at the subject, you don't have to do the 'dirty diaper' hold that shows you're taking a shot and it's really neat in the hand or on your head.
The lens is a specially designed, patent pending optical plastic high precision moulding made out of the same sort of material that is used in professional applications.

Small injection moulded lenses are extremely difficult to manufacture at the high quality we need, small errors can completely distort the projected image. It has taken us 3 years to get the design and manufacturing right, but it's been worth it when we see the pleasure on our testers' faces.
Widening the view was another important issue. The standard iPhone lens is relatively narrow for action video but we couldn't create a fisheye effect without spoiling the quality, and that superwide view is more the province of GoPros, Drifts etc which the Flymount S1 doesn't compete with.

The whole concept of the Flymount S1 is that you can shoot rapid, action packed videos and share them. Because you've got a great screen to view on, you can shoot sequences until you've got what you want - and then you can edit and share online within minutes of the shoot.
It's great for perfecting techniques, as well. The guys at the skatepark yesterday were really interested in getting shots of feet positions for a particular jump action. You can use the Flymount S1 as a training tool like this.

The Flymount app is part of the package. It addresses all the issues we found with flipping the image. We sorted the focus hunting, stabilization and timing so the camera works as you'd expect, but it just looks like magic when you see it!
See us on Kickstarter or the Flymount website.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Soft head mount for the new Flymount S1, worn by Jeff Howard of Flymount USA

A short video of the new Flymount S1 soft head mount for those who don't like helmets but want a head mounted camera viewpoint.

Jeff Howard Flymount S1 soft head mount

Taking the Flymount S1 for iPhone 4+5 to the skatepark

Great Help from Luke at Terminal One in Melton Mowbray, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom.
The Flymount S1 was top mounted with the iPhone 5 shooting in appalling lighting conditions for photography - but it came out well and the lads were delighted.
Here's a short clip of them chasing each other

Monday, 13 April 2015

Flymount starts a Kickstarter campaign for the new Flymount S1 for iPhone

The new Flymount S1 for iPhones is a rugged water resistant case with unique handling and lens system for low profile action videos. Designed over the last 3 years with international cooperation - our great partners in the USA, Jeff Howard at PKS, have been brilliant at making improvement suggestions - and with a lens system that rotates and widens the view for use in hand or 3 positions on a helmet ( and a new soft head band is being finalized right now)  the Flymount S1 safely takes the iPhone to places it wouldn't normally go.
Have a look at the Kickstarter campaign:

Jeff Howard at PKS USA shows the new Flymount S1 iPhone case on a mountain bike