Monday, 26 September 2011

Racing Mazda cars at Brands Hatch and Croft

Flymount was invited to shoot stills and video with the Mazda racing team - driver Jonathan Blake - at Brands Hatch and Croft racing tracks in the UK. We shot using 3 cameras on board but discovered that all is not simple in racing and cameras! The first qualifier went fine and both the Drift and GoPro cameras worked perfectly but the Contour was not switched on. Then we found that turning off the Drift at the end of the shoot - instead of switching the video off with one click then switching the camera off - we lost the video. A useful lesson learnt because the Drift is a very versatile camera with its rotating lens and small aiming screen. The GoPro functioned flawlessly, as usual! For some reason we never actual got footage from the Contour because every time we set it up someone either switched it off instead of on - or forgot. Maybe we were sabotaged because the media were there and trying to shoot the same angles we got and they were struggling - big metal mounts getting in the way and looking dangerous to me. Anyway, we got great footage from Brands Hatch so we drove up to Darlington and stayed on the Croft campsite next to the track. The weather was rainy but this adds to the atmosphere, I think.