Friday, 22 July 2016

Great shot of a mast mounted GoPro using a Flymount

Those great mast and boom mounted shots from around the world are mostly shot with Flymounts. This simple, ultralight but enormously versatile action camera mount has been through 4 generations and is by far the world's toughest windsurf mast mount, among many other mounting positions.
Used by the top professional sailors and video cameramen, Flymounts are everywhere that the action is.
The special construction, using the best quality materials like 316 marine stainless steel and marine quality brass with glass filled Nylon 66 body for maximum Ultra Violet resistance, Flymounts quickly attach to booms, masts, roll bars, bike bars and any pole construction up to 50mm o/d.
If you value your camera and create great images, use a Flymount and know it will be with you all the way.

Lars Petersen gets great airtime and shoots with Flymount

The GoPro "in flight" perspective

Flymount These are great, Lars!

Lars Petersen Thanks!
With the new Flymount it's so easy to set up! Love em! (y)

Hi Lars, where did you buy the fly mount ? I have a mast mount called mast hero, but it doesn't sit that firm and there is a risk, that it can fall off.

FLYMOUNT: Hi Thomas, you can buy directly from the Flymount site

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Amazing new Flymount images from Pierre Mortefon

Some great views from Pierre Mortefon, getting the other people in really adds to the sensation of the air time and the ultra versatile Flymount can move easily from mast to boom in moments, unlike any other mast mount. The best windsurf mast mount in the world!
Pierre also sent a shot showing how to use the Flymount for down the luff images - see image 5 and the How To section on Flymount's website