Monday, 30 July 2012

Flymount tests the JVC ADIXXION and compares it with GoPro and Drift

We just got the first JVC Adixxion camera, small, waterproof to 5 metres, shockproof, 1080p, up to 60 frames per sec, 5mp stills, intervalometer - pretty impressive spec. Even better, it's got WiFi so it can connect to your smartphone and you can shoot and control the camera from your phone at some distance. I've got up to 50 metres so far. In the hand it's lovely, a really great design with all features falling easily to hand and with a nice little screen like the Drift. There will be a number of updates over the next few weeks - we are shooting in France in Mid August so should be taking the new Adixxion in canyons and sea, on bikes and BMX (with luck), maybe even base jumping. I'll be doing video and stills comparison tests so we'll see what this little beauty can do in the field. Here are some shots from the office which show its size and compared with a GoPro. Pretty neat. And compared to the Drift, similar screens, similar view but without the Drift's rotating lens. Much smaller though.

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