Friday, 30 January 2015

Indoor skateboard park with a first generation Flymount S1 for iPhone 4 and 5

Shooting in the Terminal 1 skateboard park in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, England with the first pull Flymount S1, straight off the mould but pretty good quality.
The difference in the video results between the Flymount S1 and a GoPro 4 was very small in this environment and light conditions, surprisingly so.
The lads were very enthusiastic about the design, weight and results so we are back for another shoot and then on to some Motocross in a couple of weeks.

Terminal1 from Flymount on Vimeo.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Federico Infantino ITA - 999 in Australia - check it out!

Fede in Australia - 
Flymount, sea, kangaroos, whales and sailing - bliss!

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

With Markus Caspari at Sunset Beach, Cape Town

Markus Caspari at Sunset Beach.... in Cape Town, South Africa.

Markus is using his Flymount to achieve some lovely angles in the seas off the South African coast, look at the colour and light!

New Flymount video from Omar Sanchez

Another Flymount windsurfing video, this time from Omar Sanchez in Gran Canaria

Russian sailor Yegor Popretinskiy RUS 11 using his Flymount in Mauritius

Russian sailor Yegor Popretinskiy RUS 11 sent us some great shots using his Flymount in Mauritius.
Yegor is a Flymount sponsored sailor.

Wild Tide's review of the Flymount shows its versatility and strength

Wild Tide has been testing a Flymount on a variety of vehicles including a Quad bike:

"The Flymount is the latest addition to my growing collection of GoPro mounting solutions. This is the best mount I’ve seen for attaching your GoPro (or other action camera) to cylindrical objects (that’s the posh word for tubes!). This weekend I decided to put my new Flymount through its paces with my friend and his Yamaha Grizzly Quad Bike.
Originally designed almost 10 years ago for use as a mast or boom mount for windsurfers, the Flymount has evolved into the little gem of engineering that it is today. It has a simple to operate but ingeniously designed mechanism that makes fixing it a piece of cake."

Here's the full review

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Steffi Wahl in Hawaii - nice new video

Steffi Wahl in Hawaii - nice new video, with Flymount, great atmosphere, images and music.
Published on Jan 27, 2015
"A quick edit from my first trip to Maui last year in november. It´s a mix of windsurfing & lifestyle and just a nice memory for me.
Music: DJ AA"

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Wind Windmag teases us with a little 360, good Flymount footage seen here and much more to come

Wind Windmag with Erwan Jauffroy
Les tests Wind 2015 sont sur le finish et pour vous faire patienter, voici un petit 360 frontside filmé recto et verso durant les essais...

The magazine's 2015 tests are nearly finished and this is a teaser with Erwan Jauffroy
Good Flymount footage from the world's best action camera mount

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Andy King at Daymer Bay with a Flymount

Some great shots sent in by Flymount sponsored sailer Andy King, sailing at Daymer Bay in the cold weather.

Monday, 19 January 2015

Flymount with GoPro at Bubion, Spanish Sierra Nevada, Switchbacks mountain biking

Flymount with GoPro at Bubion, Spanish Sierra Nevada, Switchbacks mountain biking.
Michael Saunders and the lads took us up to the Acequia Alta and then they took off down the side of Mulhacen shooting some nice video from the handlebars using a GoPro and Flymount. The Flymount was also switched to other posts to give different angles of view.
We were pleased with the view and stability from the handlbars - head mounts can be a very stable but not as involving as a lower mount.
At the risk of doing some serious damage, we'll try some really low shots this Spring when we meet up again.

Pablo Pastor with Sailboards Tarifa and a Flymount

Pablo Pastor sailing with Sailboards Tarifa, shot with a Flymount. - great equipment and fast.

Pablo Pastor disfrutando de un buen baño con su nueva Sailboards Tarifa.