Monday, 8 August 2016

Lars Petersen makes another beautiful Flymount image of the day!

Lars Petersen
Yesterday’s epic sun downer session celebrated with a One Handed Backie!!! ☀️😃

Another shot from Lars showing stunning colour and composition, shooting with Flymount action camera mounts. Shooting through the sail to the sun gives that dramatic backlight which is so evocative and aesthetically pleasing - pretty good technique, too!

Friday, 22 July 2016

Great shot of a mast mounted GoPro using a Flymount

Those great mast and boom mounted shots from around the world are mostly shot with Flymounts. This simple, ultralight but enormously versatile action camera mount has been through 4 generations and is by far the world's toughest windsurf mast mount, among many other mounting positions.
Used by the top professional sailors and video cameramen, Flymounts are everywhere that the action is.
The special construction, using the best quality materials like 316 marine stainless steel and marine quality brass with glass filled Nylon 66 body for maximum Ultra Violet resistance, Flymounts quickly attach to booms, masts, roll bars, bike bars and any pole construction up to 50mm o/d.
If you value your camera and create great images, use a Flymount and know it will be with you all the way.

Lars Petersen gets great airtime and shoots with Flymount

The GoPro "in flight" perspective

Flymount These are great, Lars!

Lars Petersen Thanks!
With the new Flymount it's so easy to set up! Love em! (y)

Hi Lars, where did you buy the fly mount ? I have a mast mount called mast hero, but it doesn't sit that firm and there is a risk, that it can fall off.

FLYMOUNT: Hi Thomas, you can buy directly from the Flymount site

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Amazing new Flymount images from Pierre Mortefon

Some great views from Pierre Mortefon, getting the other people in really adds to the sensation of the air time and the ultra versatile Flymount can move easily from mast to boom in moments, unlike any other mast mount. The best windsurf mast mount in the world!
Pierre also sent a shot showing how to use the Flymount for down the luff images - see image 5 and the How To section on Flymount's website

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Diony Guadagnino shoots in Mulay, Morocco

Stalled forward #Mulay #Morocco

AHD - Windsurfing is Yours Loftsails Unifiber Windsurfing Equipment Movimiento Ilícito MFC Hawaii Flymount #windvision #loftsails #purelip #ahdboards #dgpromodel #mvtoilicito #unifiber #mfchawaii #windsurf #forward #Venezuela #gopro #windsurfing

Yann Rifflet sends us another inspiring image

Guess the move !
#windsurf #windsurfing #gopro #goprooftheday #goprohero4 #flymount @fanaticwindsurf @northwindsurf @ionactionsports #ilhadobatuta #ibiraqueraparadise #windsurfjournal #continentseven #instafame2 #4windsurf @windsurfingthings @windsurfinggram

Diony Guadagnino creates a brilliant Flymount shot of 2 windsurfers

Some fun slalom sailing few days back with Romain Bournail, Tomorrow I will be on my way to my first slalom event this year in #CostaBrava, #Spain PWA World Tour Windsurfing Good Vibes & enjoy your weekend

Hace unos dias con Romain Bournail buena sesión de slalom 👊ya manana me toca ir a mi primera valida del año en Costa Brava, #España @pwaworldtour Buenas Vibras y disfruten el fin de semana

AHD - Windsurfing is Yours #Sl2slalom Loftsails #Racingblade #Windvision Unifiber Windsurfing Equipment Movimiento Ilícito MFC Hawaii #MvtoIlicito #Marseille #gopro #Windsurfing #Windsurf #GoodVibes #France Flymount

Friday, 27 May 2016

Windsurf Board Tests look at Flymount Gen 4

Quoted directly from Windsurf Board Tests

"Flymount is most probably the best action camera boom and mast mount on the market today"

Flymount Generation 4 – Boom and mast mount for windsurfing tested

During the years we have used a number of different GoPro camera windsurfing mounts. This winter we switched from Flymount Generation 3 to Flymount Generation 4. In this test we are using a GoPro action camera but you can off course use the Flymount with all the most common action cams on the market and the mount was even strong enough for our SLR.

Flymount – The durability
You might would expect that the old generation of the Flymount would be worn out since we have tested the mount under the hardest possible conditions. The Flymount has proven itself on the water with salt, sand and sun as opponents. Winter time the mounts has been bruised and battered on the ice with temperatures down to 15 degrees below celsius.  However we have always ended up giving the old mounts to our friends and the old Flymounts are still going strong.

Flymount – Very easy to adjust the position on the mast

Flymount – Generation 3 vs 4

A very strong reliable GoPro mount has been even stronger, more resistant against sand and still the Flymount Generation 4 is 31 gram lighter than it´s predecessor. The mounts are made of 316-marine grade stainless steel, CZ112 naval brass and Nylon-66 reinforced with 30% glass.

Rubber pads inside the jaws are protecting your boom and sails
Flymount – Secure and safe mounting

Since we are using a wide variety of sails ranging from strong and versatile freeride sails to high performance and sensitive light weight race sails, the finetuning ability is criusial. There are rubber pads inside the jaws are protecting your boom and sails from damage and the rubber pads are also making sure to hold the mount in position. The Flymount is delivered with a safety line, however after a while you learn to trust the build quality and most of our sessions we only use the GoPro floaty backdoor, i.e no safety line.

Flymount GoPro windsurfing boom and mast mount

Flymount Generation 4 – Well built and super easy to move around

Flymount – The best action camera mount on the market?

It’s no coincidence that several of the windsurfing top riders are using the Flymount. The mount feels very secure and well built and is super easy to move around your windsurfing equipment. All though the Flymount feels very secure we haven’t had any issues with worn sail canvas, not even on our NeilPryde EVO slalom race sail. Flymount is most probably the best action camera boom and mast mount on the market today.

Monday, 23 May 2016

Great action shots from the USA with 1320 Video shooting Nissan SR20DET Powered DRIFT KART

This is from 1320 Videos' website - they use Flymounts for rock-solid roll bar mounting in high speed, high vibration shoots. This is an extract from one of their shoots:

"While visiting Import Face Off this year in St. Louis, we came across some pretty unique stuff! In this case - we stumbled upon a crazy looking turbo SR20DET “cage-car” and we HAD to know more! The best way to get to know something is to jump right in and GO! Right? So that’s exactly what the boys from Nocturnal Motorworks let us do! They took us for a short-corse drift session around some cones and it had us hooked IMMEDIATELY. Everybody needs one of these machines!

This Drift Kart is called the "Nocturnal Coyote"
Check out their Facebook page: "

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Ben Proffitt in Maui - looking good Ben!

Ben Proffitt
Maui!! Last free session before the Simmer Style photo shoot starts tomorrow!! Then WORK WORK WORK!! hahaha... tough job but someones got to do it!!
P.s Boards have come out amazing... super happy Team right now!  — with Ben Proffitt, Mikkel Asmussen, Doppstadt Pro Windsurf Team, Funsport Rhosneigr and Oshea Surf.

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Another great image from Omar Sánchez Garcia

A view from the air - Omar makes it look easy.
Shooting in the Canary Islands, Gran Canaria, Omar keeps sending us brilliant Flymount images that really sum up the place and time.
What I really like about this shot is that he brings in other sailors and a sense of place - often missing from straight shots down the mast. The best images show action - in the water, under the water or in the air and they combine this with light and colour. It looks like Omar has enhanced the colour here but it could be just the light and GoPro's colour pallet.

#windsurf #surfer #team #canarias #211tatami#experience #sport #flying #grancanaria #lpa #feel#sea #gopro #home #staystrong — at Pozo Izquierdo Gran Canaria.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Lene Kyte shows it's not all action shots with her Flymount

The great thing about a Flymount is that you often capture great images that sum up your life when you least expect it. Lene left her camera on as she walked back up the beach and it's a really good portrait of a sailor's life! A story in one image.

Monday motivation smile emoticon Pym-coaching SrfSnoSk8North Sails Windsurfing International K-DeerFlymount KiteZen

Friday, 4 March 2016

Windthrash03 sends a new Flymount image to tempt you

@windthrash03 saying hello to everyone smile emoticon 

Shot with his #gopro and the @flymount !

If you want to make pictures like that, go get yourself a Flymount at

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Dimitri Gning sends a new shot taken near Guipavas, France

Dimitri Gning sends a new shot taken near Guipavas, France
"Petite photo d'hier a la torche sous un autre angle avant de casser!"

Shari O'Brien in Australia sent us some new images

Shari O'Brien in Australia sent us some new images taken with her Flymount original in warm seas, making us long for the shoot in April this year. The team will travel down to Tarifa in southern Spain to shoot with the gen 4 Flymount, the Flymount S1 and one of the new 360º cameras from Kodak. We're also in other parts of Spain, mainly in the Sierra Nevada and Picos, to shoot mountain bikes and Flymounts and various cameras.
In the meantime, enjoy Shari's lovely Flymount images!

Friday, 26 February 2016

Paul Wagstaff of Bay Sports in Cape Town, S Africa shoots Flymount and Rayne Cams Gold edition

Paul Wags Wagstaff
Kraal bay sessions 2016 these pics are courtesy of Rayne Cams gold edition 
thanks Donavan , and thanks to Flymount for total piece of mind whilst filming on the water Mitch Wagstaff Zulu fins Robbie Bense

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Krisjanis Tutans's El Medano - the wind is back!

Cabezo waves '16Hola! The wind is back in El Medano. Add my GoPro and Flymount to my 4.2m2 Freak mast top and sticked few clips together.#grandus #abtechnology  Hot Sails Maui Superfreak  Hot Sails Maui Fanatic International ION CAAS Burusports Maui Ultra Fins
Posted by Krisjanis Tutans on Wednesday, 24 February 2016