Thursday, 22 October 2015

Laurence Carey shoots Flymount in Maui

"The moment of no return. Nothing beats it when friends make you get eaten by waves!"

See Laurence on Instagram:

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Best beer bottle camera support in the world of action cameras - TomTom Bandit

Flymount shows its versatility in this shot from  DEINING-Media of a TomTom Bandit - and it looks like the TomTom has grown a beard for the occasion.

"The guys from SURF asked me to test this brand new camera for the upcoming magazine. Well, it's all mounted and ready for action!
Flymount mastmounts grip on every surface!"

Axel Van Weel in Tenerife

Another Tenerife shot with his Flymount from Axel Van Weel - looking enticing as the nights get cooler and darker!

Put your Flymount and GoPro on a skateboard

This is what happens when you put your GoPro on a skateboard using your Flymount - great images! Thanks to Jol Maltby at Flo Skatepark in Nottingham

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Flymount version 4 first supplies - Indiegogo campaign running well - buy now for big discounts!

The new Flymount 4 is lighter and stronger and our first pulls from the mould are with us so we are making up new models right now. The Indiegogo campaign has helped to raise awareness across the world and we are getting good support.
Drop by the Indiegogo page and buy now for a great introductory discount on our latest product.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Oscar Carmichael is one of the best image makers we know

Oscar Carmichael uses his Flymount to make very aesthetically pleasing and action packed images . Here's a man who understands that you don't need perfect light to make great shots.

Omar Sanchez Garcia

Flymount sponsored Omar Sanchez Garcia  shoots great images - and here's one for your delight! Some of these shots are getting quite surreal

Jason Polakow sends in new images from his Flymount

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Mountain bike shooting with a Flymount on the handlebars in the Sierra Nevada

This is a short video showing the last run on a great day in the Spanish Sierra Nevada with Switchbacks and Michael Saunders. Working out of Bubion and Malaga, Michael runs a very professional operation in a fantastic part of the world.
This is a run down from the Acequia Alta under Mulhacen, the tallest mountain in Spain. Great food and beer for recovery at Antonio's hotel in Pampaneira.
The handlebar mounting gives a much greater feel of the ride than the remote look of head mounted cameras. With a Flymount you can shoot from low down on the forks to get new and powerful views to make up a really great video story.

New Flymount version 4 on Indiegogo

Stronger, lighter but still using the same adapters as all Flymounts have since 2006, the new Flymount is an evolution of a great product. Used by professionals all over the world, this economical and ultra versatile action camera mount is the best in the business and reaching ever greater markets in areas we never originally thought about.

Here's the campaign for Flymount Mk4 - check out the video:

Misa Leiber shoots in the Midnight Sun

Here are some beautiful images shot by Misa Leiber in Northern Finland, not too far below the Arctic Circle, in the wonderful light of the midnight sun. Using a Flymount, obviously!