Tuesday, 7 August 2012

JVC Adixxion lens protector - not a lens! Take care - not like the cover on the GoPro Hero 2

Here's the new JVC Adixxion with the new GoPro Hero 2 on top of my van. The Adixxion has a lens protector on it which I thought must be to protect the lens when shooting in harsh conditions - but it ruins the images. I can't find any info in the instructions or online - except that B&H suggest it's OK for sandy conditions but you'd have to desperate. The protector distorts and softens the image and adds flare like you've put a very greasy fingerprint on the lens. I'm getting used to the new Adixxion, though, and liking it. The GoPro Hero 2 has a much easier menu now, almost as easy as the Adixxion but not quite so obvious. We'll be shooting in France sometime in mid-August and using all the cameras - Adixxion, GoPro Hero, GoPro Hero 2 and the Drift. From my early shots with the GoPro 2 I can say it's a pretty good image maker and well worth updating to. If I was given the choice of a cheaper Hero or a more expensive Hero 2 I'd not hesitate to go for the 2.

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