Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Difference between JVC Adixxion and GoPro 2 exposures

Here are a couple of screen grabs of a test shoot on the van - simple images and the Adixxion is pulled down by the lens protector and the GoPro is on 920 instead of 1080. You'll see the big variation in the exposure - I much prefer the Adixxion. Maybe I should have put the GoPro into spot metering mode but I wanted to see what the two cameras came up with in standard mode. Here's the GoPro:
and here's the Adixxion
You can see that the GoPro is preserving highlights at the expense of the foreground while the Adixxion favours the foreground and loses the highlights. It may be a result of the GoPro's wider field of view but it's worth thinking about if you are shooting from a vehicle and in dull weather.


  1. Could you do the same picture without lens protection for the adixxtion pls?
    It seems to be very blurry and the gopro much sharper. Not even the clouds can be seen on the adixxtion pic.

  2. You're right, the lens protector has ruined the view. I'm doing the same one again today and I'll put up some pics. From what I've seen of the results so far it looks like the GoPro 2 has the best resolution by quite a long way.


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