Monday, 2 July 2012

Flymount sponsors Adam Sims

Earlier this month British pro freestyler Adam Sims announced that he has a couple of new sponsors to back him for this season and for many seasons to come. The two new sponsors in question are Patrik and Flymount.
Adam Sims signing with Patrik is motivated by him deciding to step up his game to an international level. He decided to move on to the international windsurfing scene and to do that Adam Sims decided to sign with Patrik. As a Patrik team member Sims will be able to show off his skills to an international audience – also as a team member, Sims will help bring Patrik boards into the UK.
“Despite endless work to get on other international teams the opportunities never came about and I held myself back, not selling myself short to wait patiently for the right deal,” said Adam Sims. “So to finally sign on to a brand that is building a reputation amongst all the best sailors in the world as the boards to be on, is possibly the best feeling of all. I guess all the waiting, 1000′s of hours and Euros and the commitment to the sport has been worth it.”
Before we move on, it must be mentioned here that by joining the Patrik International Team, Adam Sims had to give up to his place on the RRD Team.
Moving on, Adam Sims’ second sponsor is Flymount, company that provides windsurfing mounts. Sims explained that he’s been using their mounts for quite some time and is looking forward to working with Flymounts on future projects.

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