Monday, 2 July 2012

Top Vélo reviews Flymount

French cycling magazine Top Vélo recently reviewed the Flymount and reckoned it's great! 'Quasi-universal, strong, multi-positionable and keeps your camera safe. If you want an attachment, start with this'
Quasi-universal is right. We are getting many people with multiple sports using the Flymount - you can windsurf with it then pop it on your mountain bike, fit it on your racing car or your blokart, shoot great sailing images on your sail boat and add it to the wing of your microlite for great aerial shots. The main television crews are now using Flymounts in preference to expensive, heavy and often untrustworthy alternatives. It's opened a whole new arena for professionals and enthusiasts alike.
If your action equipment has a bar ranging from 20-40mm (48mm if slid on) you can safely shoot action footage knowing that you'll come back with great results - and your camera!

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