Monday, 5 March 2012

Flymount is a finalist in the Export for Growth competition

The photograph shows Flymount's Chris Knapton in an entirely spontaneous set-up with Lord Green, the Minister of State for Trade and Industry.

The United Kingdom Trade and Investment (UKTI) has selected Flymount as one of the finalists in its Export for Growth competition. This is for entrepreneurs who have small businesses that are exporting to the world - and Flymount now sells in 24 countries with new dealer requests coming in regularly.
Our entry is based around the new, and still under wraps, Flymount iPhone system which lets you use an iPhone as a POV camera but in a unique and innovative way - much cleaner, safer and better looking than anything else on the market.
We're just finalising the special optical system and prototyping so it'll be another few months before we hit the market, but we'll announce it here and on Facebook in good time for people to get a feel for how well it'll fit in with their lifestyles.

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