Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Using a Drift camera on a Quad bike

I was worried about the bulbous lens on the Drift when I put it on a Quad bike for some action video as they raced through the woods at the Lockwell Adventure Centre in the UK's Sherwood Forest area in Nottinghamshire.
We had a GoPro up front, Flymounted on to the bumper bar and the Drift watched the following drivers, and the weather had been very wet so we knew the mud would be a problem.
Amazingly, and you can see from the shots here, the camera was covered in mud and gunge but the lens stayed clear and we got some great footage.
With a careful hosing down the drift came up looking nothing like new and it still has an ex-army feel to it! Great, I don't like cameras which shout 'precious'. Two things help this camera - it's got a screen so you can accurately frame (as long as the sun's not shining into it) and second you can swivel the lens to accommodate crazy mounting angles. Video can look great if you use odd angles but not all the time - you need a level setting because that's how we see.
Anyway, for all the crap we've thrown at it, the Drift continues to give us what we want - clean high quality video and stills.

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