Friday, 2 December 2011

Gadget Show on Channel 5 uses Flymount for JetLev shoot

I got an email from one of our Flymount testers to say that he'd seen Channel 5 using the Flymount and GoPro Hero to get close-ups of the rider on their Jet Lev review.
We'd met the team when we both shot some Grasstrack racing in Nottinghamshire. The guys had used some fancy mount to get on-board shots of Ben Collins - the ex Stig from Top Gear - and it just didn't cope well with the hard riding conditions. Their mount not only broke but smashed their camera and could have been a real danger to other drivers. They approached us and asked if they could buy a Flymount to finish their shoot and we donated one in the spirit of friendship and cooperation which mostly exists among non-competing teams.
Of course, the rugged little Flymount worked perfectly and they seem to be using it wherever they need its unique ability to provide steady and safe lightweight camera mounting in adverse conditions.

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