Friday, 4 November 2011

Mountain bike and GoPro 90º

We haven't been mountain biking recently but one or two people have asked about shooting with the GoPro Hero, wondering if we could make a 90º adaptor so it can fit on upright tubes.
There's no need - GoPros come with a set of useful adjustable brackets and - using the Flymount GoPro adaptor and half of a GoPro bracket we can easily get a lot of useful adjustment.

Take the double jointed mount from the grab bag and take half off. It's modular so instead of 3 pieces it comes down to 2.
With the shorter mounting distance the camera is held tighter to the Flymount and the bike - wherever you decide to mount it.
That reduces the shake considerably and gives a very nice range of movement.
Neat too!

We are trialling a new GoPro adaptor specifically for high vibration environments where the camera needs to be at 90º to the Flymount. It's being machined out of stainless and is a really neat and compact piece of kit.

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