Monday, 23 February 2015

What is the Flymount S1 for iPhone?

We created the Flymount S1 because so many people told us they always had their iPhone with them, even snowboarding or mountain biking - and they often tried to use it to shoot quick videos for sharing. They also told us that they had smashed quite a few iPhones!
So they wanted a helmet mounting solution.
The problem with wearing your iPhone on a helmet, probably one the best positions, is that the iPhone shoot flat on to the direction of travel - and it's ugly and cumbersome that way.
Our solution - and it's taken us 3 years of design and lens evolution - was to put the iPhone (4 & 5) into a very strong waterproof virgin polycarbonate casing and let the lens see through our patent pending 90º forward facing wide angle lens.
This allows a simple and elegant side mounting system, with easy angle adjustment,  either side - or top mounted for a different view and orientation.
The lens system is solid state, optically coated and very rugged with excellent results.
Of course, you can hand hold the Flymount S1 for low down shots, using a wrist strap for security, and it's virtually anonymous - very discreet if you are doing some street stuff.
It looks great for really low shots at ground level - and if it all goes horribly wrong the virgin polycarbonate shell will protect your expensive phone from shock and water.
This is what it looks like in the snow;

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