Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Flymount S1 for iPhone mounted on bike helmet - alternative top mounting position

The new Flymount S1 for iPhones is ultra versatile.
Side mounted you get full-on wide angle view from either side of your helmet - but you can also use it on top for a counter-intuitive but very effective portrait video - ideal for sharing on other smart phones.
Coming from a conventional video background I have shied away from the portrait view video but it works really well, much better than I imagined, because it's a natural way to view your phone. The wide angle of the Flymount means you can shoot great action sequences, using the remote, and analyze the footage if you are working on a move. Or you can just catch things as they happen rather than recording hours of footage for a few minutes of highlights.
Here's the Flymount S1 on top of a vented bike helmet.

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