Saturday, 29 November 2014

Garmin VIRB on Flymount - test

We have a new Garmin VIRB Elite which we've been testing in various locations from mountain biking to windsurfing in Tarifa and we'll have some more definitive reports in the next 2 weeks.
What I can say is that it is heavier than a GoPro and this can be a disadvantage on a rig where lightness is important so you may prefer to use it on a bike when the mass is lower down and far less obvious.
It seems that the Garmin is designed more for vehicles of some sort (bikes included) and they have added all the usual distance and position GPS and Wi-Fi stuff plus a small screen for set-up - which can be very useful. It feels quite nice in the hand, as well, and the controls seem pretty intuitive.
Here's a shot of it on the Flymount with the GoPro 2 adaptor for rigidity.

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