Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Flymount racing at Brands Hatch with Mazda Racing and MEV

Jonathan Blake was racing at Brands Hatch in the Mazda based MEV Exocet from the Nottinghamshire works of Stuart Mills's MEV workshop.

We wanted to fit Flymounts and a variety of small cameras - GoPro, Contour and Drift - to the body and roll-bars but we had to get through scrutineering first. Having tested the Flymounts they were pronounced safe and secure and the guys left for some warm-up laps.

Our original intention was to have two cars with cameras behind them and by the mirrors so we could build a decent set of sequences into a short video.

All did not go well because the Contour, left in the hands of the other driver, was not switched on - although he thought he had done. So we ended up with the GoPro facing Jonathan and the Drift shooting from the roll bar. The weather was great and the shots and video were brilliant, now I want to do it again but much better and with more, and better cameras. I think the sensible option is simply to use one brand so all the footage will match nicely, so it will be GoPro this time on both cars.

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