Wednesday, 1 July 2009

A minute in the life....

Check out the above.

On Saturday May 16th 2009 people from around the world took a shot of what they were doing.

This was the brief:

I want you to join me once again in documenting the diversity of our daily routines and rituals. Continuing with the
theme of the original project, each picture must be taken at 2:00 PM Eastern Time -- 7:00 in London, 11:00 AM in Los Angeles, etc. -- but this time
I’m upping the ante. For A Minute In The Life: Take 2, I’d like everyone to take two pictures (hence the title). The first picture should be of
whatever you are looking at when the minute arrives. The second should be taken immediately after the first, but in the opposite direction.

The gallery wonderfully depicts our every day lives. How is it that the mundane details of our day are so fascinating???

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