Thursday, 16 July 2009

Flymount FAQ

  • Why choose the Flymount?
There is no other product on the market that offers such a strong, rugged, all weather mounting system for attaching your digital camera to cylindrical objects in extreme conditions. The Flymount offers the perfect solution to action sports mounted photography.
  • How much will it cost?
The RRP for the Flymount is: £59.99 (including VAT)
  • Which cameras can I attach to the Flymount?
ANY camera with a standard tripod mounting point will work with the Flymount.
  • Which camera do you recommend I use with the Flymount?
The Flymount has been specifically designed for use with compact point and shoot cameras and especially the new generation of waterproof / shockproof compact cameras like the Pentax W60. Your choice of camera will depend on the environment in which the camera will be used in.
  • Can I use the Flymount in salt water?
Yes! The Flymount has been designed for use in salt water and high UV.
  • How heavy is the Flymount?
The Flymount without camera attached weighs around 200g. Because of the Flymount's compact size and light weight it will not affect equipment performance in any way. For example, you will not feel it on the tip of your windsurf mast or on the handlebars of your bike etc..
  • What's the range of the Flymount?
The range of the Flymount is 20mm to 40mm.
  • What if I need to attach the Flymount to a smaller diameter?
We will be introducing a rubber insert to increase the lower range of the Flymount.
  • Will the Flymount damage my equipment?
No! The jaws of the Flymount are lined with soft urethane inserts for grip and protection of equipment.
  • What is the Flymount made out of?
To give the Flymount a long life span we have used high quality UV resistant nylon PA66, and stainless steel.
  • Can I trust the Flymount to hold my digital camera safely and securely in extreme conditions?
This is what the Flymount has been designed for. Using the cradle mount protective base plate, the stress is taken away from the tripod mounting point and any possibility of the camera unwinding is eliminated.
  • Is there a guarantee?
There will be a 1 year full guarantee.
  • WHERE can I buy the Flymount?

more stockists to be announced...
  • WHEN can I buy the Flymount?
November 2009.
  • I have another question...
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  • What's the catch?!
NO catch, this is quite simply a great product!

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