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Windsurf Board Tests look at Flymount Gen 4

Quoted directly from Windsurf Board Tests

"Flymount is most probably the best action camera boom and mast mount on the market today"

Flymount Generation 4 – Boom and mast mount for windsurfing tested

During the years we have used a number of different GoPro camera windsurfing mounts. This winter we switched from Flymount Generation 3 to Flymount Generation 4. In this test we are using a GoPro action camera but you can off course use the Flymount with all the most common action cams on the market and the mount was even strong enough for our SLR.

Flymount – The durability
You might would expect that the old generation of the Flymount would be worn out since we have tested the mount under the hardest possible conditions. The Flymount has proven itself on the water with salt, sand and sun as opponents. Winter time the mounts has been bruised and battered on the ice with temperatures down to 15 degrees below celsius.  However we have always ended up giving the old mounts to our friends and the old Flymounts are still going strong.

Flymount – Very easy to adjust the position on the mast

Flymount – Generation 3 vs 4

A very strong reliable GoPro mount has been even stronger, more resistant against sand and still the Flymount Generation 4 is 31 gram lighter than it´s predecessor. The mounts are made of 316-marine grade stainless steel, CZ112 naval brass and Nylon-66 reinforced with 30% glass.

Rubber pads inside the jaws are protecting your boom and sails
Flymount – Secure and safe mounting

Since we are using a wide variety of sails ranging from strong and versatile freeride sails to high performance and sensitive light weight race sails, the finetuning ability is criusial. There are rubber pads inside the jaws are protecting your boom and sails from damage and the rubber pads are also making sure to hold the mount in position. The Flymount is delivered with a safety line, however after a while you learn to trust the build quality and most of our sessions we only use the GoPro floaty backdoor, i.e no safety line.

Flymount GoPro windsurfing boom and mast mount

Flymount Generation 4 – Well built and super easy to move around

Flymount – The best action camera mount on the market?

It’s no coincidence that several of the windsurfing top riders are using the Flymount. The mount feels very secure and well built and is super easy to move around your windsurfing equipment. All though the Flymount feels very secure we haven’t had any issues with worn sail canvas, not even on our NeilPryde EVO slalom race sail. Flymount is most probably the best action camera boom and mast mount on the market today.

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