Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Flymount on a Contender - filmed and edited by Ron Van Den Berg

Another lovely Ron van den Berg video, timing, music and edit - beautiful.

Questions asked:


Thanks. And how do you fix the gopro to the top of the mast? I've always been too nervous about loosing it to try but its a great angle!

Hello dingber, In the upper part of the mast I’ve used a Flymount, and a modified plastic clamb with a GoPro Quick Release Mount in the lower part of the mast (1,8m above the deck) I use this clamb because the Flymount fits only 20mm to 48mm when you slide it on the mast. In the lower part the diameter of the mast is about 70mm. I secure the Camera with a piece of rope to the mast to feel better during sailing ;-)

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