Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Flymount S1 due to come to the market in July

Here's a shot of the Flymount S1 for iPhones showing the revolutionary lens system and how images appear on the screen when it's used.
One of the great new benefits of the Flynount S1 is for hand-held video shooting while moving. You can do candid street shoots from low to high level, skateboard at really low level following your mates, in the rain and snow, by the beach - all without any danger of wrecking your iPhone.
We've dropped it onto hard concrete from 2 metres, rained and snowed on it and generally abused it - and the S1 has shone through.
The new iPhone coming in September will determine how we move forward - at the moment it's only a small change to fit the 6 but with rumours of a smaller phone we are waiting to see.
Watch this space!

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