Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Wild Tide's review of the Flymount shows its versatility and strength

Wild Tide has been testing a Flymount on a variety of vehicles including a Quad bike:

"The Flymount is the latest addition to my growing collection of GoPro mounting solutions. This is the best mount I’ve seen for attaching your GoPro (or other action camera) to cylindrical objects (that’s the posh word for tubes!). This weekend I decided to put my new Flymount through its paces with my friend and his Yamaha Grizzly Quad Bike.
Originally designed almost 10 years ago for use as a mast or boom mount for windsurfers, the Flymount has evolved into the little gem of engineering that it is today. It has a simple to operate but ingeniously designed mechanism that makes fixing it a piece of cake."

Here's the full review

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