Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Ben Proffitt's guide to great windsurfing video

In case you missed it - Ben Proffitt's guide to windsurfing POV photography, cameras, and of course mounts:

Extract from Ben's review in Windsurf Magazine:

The first thing to add to your shopping list is the Flymount 2.
Now this is an awesome mount designed for windsurfers by windsurfers – and it certainly shows. The MK I model was good, but I have to say the small change to 2 really has made this the ‘mount of mounts’ and a must for any windsurfer with an action camera. If you’re going to buy one mount make it this one as it’s super easy to use and takes up no space, plus you can get a few different angles out of it. (Including some good ones of any bald patches you may have!) The main ones I use are the mast and the front of the boom.

• Very versatile. You can stick it on your mast, front of boom, back of boom etc.

• So easy to clamp and secure

• Small and lightweight

• Cheap

• Great for clamping to anything else off the water. (Mountain bike etc.)

• So much better than the actual GoPro mounts

CONS: Err, I can’t think of any!"

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