Thursday, 20 December 2012

JVC Addixxion and GoPro test on a windsurfer

Here's a short video showing the differing angles of view between the new JVC Adixxion camera and the GoPro2.
Both cameras were mounted on Flymounts at the same height looking at the same view and this clearly shows that, for windsurfing shots, a wider angle is desirable unless you put the camera right on the tip of the mast. Most experienced sailors don't like anything at the very top, it's flexing a lot and affects the feel of the rig.
Having said that, the Adixxion's lighter weight is a help and for many other applications a lesser view is often more attractive. So many shots are fisheye wide that a little closer angle can look different.
For some bizarre technical reason you seem to have to first watch our short video on how to attach a GoPro to a mast - I'll figure the problem one day, but life's too short to worry today! It's not long and a useful intro.

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