Wednesday, 27 January 2010

January 2010 News

January 2010
From its humble beginnings as a homemade mount in Tarifa, the Flymount has taken over three years of research and development. And now it has finally gone to manufacture! We hope to receive pre-production models in the next couple of weeks. Once we OK these, we are on the home run.

"As a professional photographer and video director I am very excited about this product", says Chris Knapton, Nonstop's Director. "One of the reasons we buy cameras, particularly the new waterproof and shockproof models, is to capture great images in wild locations and activities - so where do you put the camera when your hands are both occupied? That's why the Flymount works so well, you fit it, line up your camera and go, knowing that the camera will still be there when you get back and you'll have the kind of shots that the professionals spend a fortune getting with specialist equipment".

The Flymount is tested at The Works skate park. See BMX video here

December 2009
A big thank you to 3 year old Charlie Allsopp who tried the Flymount on his Go-kart in the snow. Nice footage! See video here

Thank you for all your emails (from all over the world). Here are few for you to see - ALL genuine:

"A great product. It will save me a fortune in gaffa tape"

"I just bought myself a Pentax W80, and the Flymount is the perfect solution to get the most out of my camera whilst biking and freeskiing".

"Need one of the mounts; they look great.."!!!!

"Great product. Hope you can release soon"!!

"Heading from California to Guatemala on a little motorcycle, I need a unit that will take a bit of punishment. i'll be using the Optio W80, so your product really caught my eye".

"The W80 should tick all the boxes and get some great footage with the Flymount in the coming year"!

"I ride motorcycle, quad, dirtbike and sled in the winter, when I stumbled upon your mount I was very excited"!

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